How do you market a cannabis brand when the last thing the world needs is another cannabis brand?

Be a brand that actually tries to make the world better. When cannabis became legal in Canada, little mind was paid to the 500,000 Canadians who were still suffering the consequences from their minor, non-violent cannabis convictions. So, in partnership with Cannabis Amnesty, we helped Doja launch Pardon products. 100% of proceeds went toward pressuring the government to grant an immediate pardon to anyone with a minor cannabis conviction.

You could find these products online and in boutique stores all over the country. Every purchase directed to a petition signature and resources with more information, too. Interest from influencers, celebrities, and a branded truck touring the country helped stretch our reach.


Coverage by the CBC, Forbes, Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, Winnipeg Sun. 

Winner at the Canadian Cannabis Awards

Over 10,000 signatures is support of pardons collected.