Lowering Food Prices

Lowering Food Prices



How do you turn a lagging discount grocer into the fastest growing player in town?

FreshCo needed a reset. Despite having some of the lowest prices, shoppers believed otherwise. In fact, due to FreshCo’s overly stylized black and white design, shoppers thought our prices were as much as 10% higher than the competition. Closing this perception gap became the mission, and it started with an overhaul of the look and feel of nearly 100 stores to clearly communicate lower food prices.

From there, we launched a campaign that was built upon a truth that came out of research: The only thing discount shoppers really care about are low prices. So, we decided to let ours do the talking.

FreshCo’s new tagline screamed discount.

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From there, we let our low prices do the talking. In fact, FreshCo’s team members could barely get a word in.

Over the course of two months, these weekly videos were released, updated in real-time to ensure that we were always highlighting our best prices.

Geo-targeted, digital OOH followed suit.


77% believing the campaign made “FreshCo seem different from other stores”.

Million earned media impressions as a result of Local and National media coverage.

We nearly doubled the +3.6% growth goal, achieving +6.7% – outpacing grocery category growth during the same time period by 43%.

We shrunk the price perception gap between FreshCo and the competition from 10% to 5%.