Monroe Collection

Monroe Collection





Zales came to us to launch their Marilyn Monroe Collection. 

First, the collection needed a timeless purpose. 

Dive into the story of Marilyn, and you’ll quickly discover she was so much more than a blonde bombshell. She was a businesswoman, an actress, and one of the first women in Hollywood to start her own production studios. She was her own muse. It’s this reality that got us to our purpose: A collection designed to inspire the next generation of women who inspire themselves.   

To launch the “I am my own muse” campaign we looked for a timely moment. It was the 65th anniversary of Monroe’s famous film, The Seven Year Itch. Vanity Fair was already talking about it, and it just so happens the famous subway grate scene was shot on East 52nd St in NYC right by Zales flagship store. So we bought up all the digital and traditional advertising space surrounding the area, geotargeted social ads on Instagram, and even had a street team inviting passersby to get a picture of themselves on the grate with a modern, independent spin. From there, the campaign rolled out nationally, targeting strong women on everything from LinkedIn to Inc. 

Our thinking led to the most successful launch of the year, exceeding sales goals by 10x, and delivering the highest ROI of any project launched within Signet, the holding company, that owns Zales.