Better Battery Co

06 Meet the World’s Most Positive Battery. 2022


Launch the world’s first carbon neutral brand

Audience Love

Far from eco-warriors

Millennial’ish moms and urbanites are tired of being finger-wagged into doing good. To earn their love, we infused positivity into everything we did.


We created a “spokescharacter” based on a battery

Rather than partnering with celebrities and influencers we partnered with their devices. Sophia Bush’s podcast microphone, a partner in positivity. Young the Giant’s guitar pedal, welcome to the team.

The package contents depicting the AA, AAA, 9V batteries, stickers and product packaging
The Better Battery polymailer packaging design
BBCo Stickers



One of Shopify’s top new site launches based on traffic. 50k new users to the site per month.


Media coverage by Rolling Stone and The New York Post.


Picked up by REI to be sold in their stores.


Love from Jessica Alba. ❤️


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