Make More With Toronto

Make More With Toronto

Directors Guild of Canada


How do you get Hollywood 
studio executives to hire more local talent when they shoot in Toronto? 

After interviewing studio executives, we uncovered a truth: They don’t care. As in, between being busy and having a bit of an ego, they won’t pay attention to advertising. Unless it speaks directly to them. So we created “Hey, Hollywood”.

In the lead up to the Toronto International Film Festival, we took over Hollywood publications and LAX. When studio executives arrived in Toronto for TIFF, they were met by even more billboards. From there, personalized social media ads were geo-targeted around their hotels. We created a media campaign that was impossible for them to ignore, and, by extension made Toronto talent impossible to ignore, too.

Bye LA.

Hello Toronto.

Every piece of content pushed to a massive rolodex of amazing Toronto talent.

Bye Toronto.

Hello LA.

Upon returning to LA, studio executives were invited to a private dinner. Organized by Juliet’s PR team, it was held at the Consul General of Canada’s mansion. Handshakes were had. The foundation of deals, laid.


Over 100 million earned media impression.

Special features in both The Hollywood Reporter and by the CBC.