Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba


How do you double the number of women in engineering by 2030? 

As of 2017, only 15% of Manitoba’s newly licensed engineers were women. Corporations, government bodies, and schools aren’t creating strong enough pipelines to nurture female talent.

We, along with Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba, set out to change that with an ongoing initiative called 30×30. It’s goal? Increase the number to 30% by 2030. Our first act: Empower students to be agents of change.

Petitions targeting the 10 biggest engineering firms went up in over 500 schools across the province.

134,768 students reached

Each petition challenged a company to explain how they were addressing the lack of women in STEM. From there, they were boxed up and sent to the respective CEOs.

Some companies were a tad grumpy about the pressure.

But the students kept it up until The Manitoba 30×30 Coalition was formed: a standing meeting comprised of government officials, representatives from each of the 10 biggest engineering firms, and the students themselves.


Over 500 schools took part in the program.

134,768 students reached.

Formation of The Manitoba 2030 Coalition.

Coverage in; Winnipeg Free Press, CTV, CBC.