How do you get a young furniture designer a meeting with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation?

Ranbir Sidhu is a furniture maker. His work bridges the worlds of design and entertainment, and he was looking for a partner to create one-of-a-kind collaborations with. So, we went after a biggie. But first, Ranbir needed to understand what he was pitching.

In research, people called his work “out-of-this-world”, which helped us land his purpose as a creator of new symbols of cultural eminence. From there, FUTUREZONA was born: An entire design system, brand narrative that revolves around a lone designer who inhabits a futuristic planet. FUTUREZONA’s mission? Ship furniture back to people in this time. Our mission? Unleash this narrative on Roc Nation to score a meeting.  

The narrative percolated throughout every page of a one-of-a-kind RocNation pitch book.

We shipped it to LA. We didn’t use FedEx.

The main event was still circling in the atmosphere.

We worked with FUTUREZONA to create a custom desk for RocNation’s Emory Jones – one of Jay Z’s best friends.

It was delivered to RocNation via a 3000-pound shipping crate that was unlike anything they’d ever seen.

It got us the meeting.


The meeting with RocNation happened in Los Angeles. Talks continue as to how best to work together.

Thanks, in part to the campaign, Ranbir was named entrepreneur of the week by the Bay Street Bull