Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day



How do you not only drive sales but actual human connections?

For Mother’s Day, Lululemon wanted to not only drive sales but also fuel their very human community. In other words, they wanted sons and daughters to actually tell their mothers what they mean to them, and spend the day with them. To help drive this, we took a nostalgic, childhood phrase, I’m telling mom!!!!!, and turned it into a call for appreciation of moms everywhere.


Beat revenue plans, and achieved a massive comp YoY on Ecomm gifting pages.

Ecomm YOY

  • +932%

Traffic to gifting on site versus previous year.

  • +163%

Sales YOY

  • +41%

PR Impressions for NA, APAC, AUS, and FR up over previous years.

  • +471%

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