The Keg

01 See You Tonight 2024


Attract a younger urban guest without alienating our older current guest-base

Audience Love

To younger Canadians, The Keg wasn’t for them

We spoke with young people all over Canada, it became clear that our status as a hallmark brand had actually become a weakness. The Keg was a place your parents loved to go, an institution that felt like was always there. It was reliable and trusty – but not exciting.


Turn our ubiquity into our greatest weapon

The truth is, just about everyone has had a great time at The Keg. We revitalized a classic brand tagline – See You Tonight – by shining a light directly on the people that visit The Keg… with extra emphasis on our young growth audience.


During an inflationary period where Canadians tightened their purse strings, The Keg was the only brand in the category to grow sales.


Our campaign increased intent to go to The Keg at 2X industry benchmarks. 


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