Simplest Way To Be a Sometimes Vegetarian

Simplest Way To Be a Sometimes Vegetarian

Wholly Veggie!


How do you launch a small 
veggie brand in a crowded American market?  

You do the unthinkable. You target meat-eaters. In research, we found that meat-eaters know they should be eating more veggies. But far too many big brands are either ignoring them or trying to guilt them into changing their eating habits. To us, both approaches seem misguided. 

To launch Wholly Veggie!, we went after an entirely new target group, one we could own with our dollars. We called them “Sometimes Vegetarians”, and we didn’t judge them for eating meat but rather just let them know that Wholly Veggie! is the simplest way to be a sometimes vegetarian.

In partnership with Target, we developed a state-by-state sampling campaign that targeted QSRs, Pinterest BBQ recipe pages, and meat-eaters on Instagram and Facebook.


Coupon redemption was so high it literally shut down our Instagram account.

1.4 million video views.

When the campaign launched, we were in 2 Target stores. We’re now in over 1200.

An 8x increase in valuation of Wholly Veggie! over the course of the year.