Grand Marnier

12 The Grand Good Riddance. 2022


Convince young people to add Grand Marnier to their bar cart

Audience Love

While young people weren’t really open to drinking Grand Marnier, they were very open to making unique cocktails. So rather than sell Grand Marnier, we sold a cocktail for the times.

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The Grand Good Riddance:

• 1.5 oz of Grand Marnier
• 2-3 oz of Champagne
• 0.5 oz lemon juice
• 75 tears of joy that 2020 is over

Grand Marnier Social
Grand Marnier Social


In December 2020, there were 10x as many positive mentions about the Grand Marnier recipe.

Cuvée du Centenaries had its strongest month in history at +65% growth.

Grand Marnier Wild Postings


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